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At Max Mortgages our team works tirelessly to provide our clients with a service with options. We take the edge off of you, and make it our mission to match you with the best mortgage in the current housing climate. In doing so, we thoroughly scout the entire Canadian Mortgage Market until we find something that fits you and your family’s needs. Everyone’s financial standing lifestyle expectations are different, so we understand the importance of giving each of our clients a personal experience.

About Us


We come equipped with nearly unlimited access to the leading financial institutions across the country, ensuring our clients an extensive range of opportunities. Because of our reach, the process of finding a mortgage that works well for your situation is greatly simplified.

Through the years, the professionals at Max Mortgages have been honoured to receive commendation for our customer service, and we strive to be better each day. As an independent local business, it is very important to us that we do right by the community, meaning that we are never in it for a quick buck, and rather strive to be of genuine assistance.

Leena Sohal, who has been a participating member in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and a licensed mortgage broker for 15, had her career beginnings spent with some of the most widely known and most respected bank chains throughout the nation such as TD and CIBC. There, she was able to build a healthy foundation that she works off of today.

At Max Mortgages, we hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism while helping our clients realize their property ownership goals.

Whether you want the lowest rate possible, a large amount of guidance, or a more complex financing package, we are in your corner.

Our office serves communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a full spectrum of professional advise and counselling, and provide an provide an unrivalled level of excellence.

Please feel free to reach us today and get your financial planning underway.

The Max Team

Thank you for considering our mortgage planning services, where objective advice and great rates are just the beginning.

Leena Sohal
Mortgage Broker / MaxMortgages Inc.

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